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  • What is Printer Bridge?
    Printer Bridge is 4over’s White Label Print Site. You get your own storefront with 4over integrated products and the ability to customize to your own look and feel.
  • What are the prerequisites to sign up for a Printer Bridge account?
    You must have an active 4over account.
  • What is the cost?
    Monthly $99 (includes free Standard SSL) Annually $1,188 (2 additional months free when you pay annually) Optional add on $35 Enhanced SSL (per AWS service price) See for more details
  • How do I pay for the Printer Bridge service?
    You are required to add your billing information to our billing system and payments will be automatically taken on the 1st of each month.
  • Can I use my own SSL certificate?
    No. At this time our platform does not support 3rd party SSL certificates. You can only use SSL we offer via AWS
  • What is the difference between Standard SSL and Enhanced SSL?
    Enhanced SSL comes with a Load Balancer which allows faster load times of 30-60% faster. ($35/month) Standard SSL that comes with the store by default. This does not come with a dedicated Load Balancer. You do have the ability to change your selection at any time. (Free)
  • How do I register for a Printer Bridge account?
    You can visit to gets started
  • What do I need in advance to get started?
    1. Active domain name 2. Active email address with the same domain 3. Full DNS records for domain (this can be retrieved from the company you purchased your domain from) 4. Merchant Account with one of the following supported payment gateways (, Moneris, MerchantWare, Converge, or Braintree)
  • What should I expect after I submit registration for a Printer Bridge account?
    1. Our agents will process your registration by verifying your 4over account and your legal company name on the state website. 2. Once registration has been approved, you will receive an email with your Printer Bridge contract 3. You will then send us an email with your signed contract and your full DNS records 4. Once all required documents are received, we will begin creating your storefront and you will be notified on how to get started setting up your storefront
  • When does my Printer Bridge Contract expire?
    Once your 1 year term is up, your Printer Bridge account will be month to month
  • What type of support does Printer Bridge offer?
    Our agents are available online from 7am PST - 5pm PST. Our primary support is via online support tickets, however if phone assistance is needed, we will schedule a virtual call. Once you have a Printer Bridge account you will be given login credentials to access our online Support Center. You will have full access to Launching Your Site steps, Video tutorials, FAQs, Community Forum, and the Online Ticket system.
  • What are the Support Hours for Printer Bridge?
    Our agents are available online from 7am PST - 5pm PST.
  • How do I contact Printer Bridge support if I don't have a Printer Bridge account yet?
    If you have any questions before signing up, you can email us at
  • Does Printer Bridge host my domain?
    No. Printer Bridge only hosts the storefront and admin pages. Your DNS records are managed on our AWS server. You will be required to replace your current Nameservers with ones that we provide you.
  • Can I change my domain after my storefront is already created?
    Yes you can change it, however there is a $35 charge for each domain change
  • What Features does Printer Bridge platform include?
    1. Customizable Theme and CMS 2. Choose what Products you want to offer 3. Insource and/or Outsource Order Fulfillment 4. Online Designer w/ ability to add your own templates 5. Preflighting Tool 6. Mobile Optimized 7. Sales and MIS Management 8. Marketing Tools (i.e E-Blaster Campaigns, SEO, Affiliate Programs, Manage Sales Reps) 9. Corporate Portals And many more…
  • Can I add third party programs to the storefront?
    Yes, you can add third party programs to the system as long as they can be integrated via Javascript
  • Does the platform all for custom coding and customization?
    Yes, you can customize the look and feel of the website outside of our templates by using website coding like HTML, Javascript, and custom CSS code. You can also create your own custom landing pages. * Please note that we do not offer custom code support and there are a few pages that are restricted to customization for security reasons
  • How is my storefront secure and protected?
    SECURE HOSTING. Your customers' data will remain secure. We provide a PCI compliant ordering system that keeps all your customers and encrypted data such as credit card information in a secure and safeguarded location.
  • Does Printer Bridge Provide Malware Protection for Your Site?
    We do not provide malware protection in the traditional sense. Protecting against cyber attacks is made up of a few elements: Server Updates and Patches, Website Scanning, Web Application Firewalls, and PCI Compliance
  • What is a Corporate Portal?
    Create a portal exclusively to your customer’s brand. Offer those select products that your clients want. Provide brand control with predesigned templates. Configurable to give your corporate accounts exactly what they want.
  • What is the cost for Corporate Portals?
    The first Corporate Portal license is free. Additional licenses are $20/month for any qty up to (25), plus a one time $15 set-up fee for each license.
  • How does Printer Bridge calculate Sales Tax?
    Printer Bridge is integrated with a 3rd party that is used for calculating sales tax. The sales tax is calculated based on the “ship from” address (which will be your company address) and where the ‘ship to” address (your customer’s ship to address).* For customers selecting pick up it will be based on their default billing address
  • Do we have access to the main root pages of the storefront?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this access for security reasons.
  • Can I add my own products that 4over doesn't offer?
    Yes, you have the ability to add your own products (non-4over products) to the storefront *However, you cannot add your own custom options to an existing 4over product
  • Can I control my price mark-ups?
    Yes, you have full control of what price markup(s) you want to apply
  • Are orders automatically pushed to 4over?
    No. All orders come to your backend first. At which point, you have the option to fulfil the order in house or push it to 4over. All files must be checked by you before pushing the order to 4over to ensure they are print ready. Pushing the order to 4over is quick and easy with training provided.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with my print order?
    Once your order is pushed to 4over and printed, you would contact 4over customer service for any order inquiries or quality print issues. This is the same steps you do today to file a support ticket with 4over Quality Assurance.
  • What payment gateways/merchant accounts are supported for credit card payments? Stripe Moneris MerchantWare Converge Braintree (powered by PayPal) Standard Payapl ( this will direct customer to the paypal site to make payment) If you do not already have one of these merchant accounts, you will need to set up an account in order to accept credit card payments on your Storefront.
  • What is the Printer Bridge platform built on?
    Printer Bridge is a proprietary platform. It is a custom built on a lamp stack. Linux, Apache, Mysql and Php built specifically for the print industry.
  • Which payment gateways/merchant accounts does Printer Bridge platform support?
    Our platform supports the following gateways: Stripe Moneris MerchantWare Converge Braintree (powered by PayPal) If you do not already have one of these merchant accounts, you will need to setup an account in order to accept credit card payments on your Storefront.
  • Is Printer Bridge available for Canadian customers?
    Yes. Printer Bridge can support Canadian storefronts.
  • Can my storefront support both US and CAD dollars simultaneously?
    No, The storefront can support either or. You are not able to display US and Canadian dollars at the same time If your storefront is set to CAD pricing, your US customer will see CAD pricing.
  • What are the Canadian Shipping Methods?
    Below are the Canadian Shipping methods with their US equivalents Canadian Standard = US Ground Canadian Expedited = US 2 Days Canadian Express Saver = US Next Day Air Saver Canadian Express = US Next Day Air
  • Does Printer Bridge calculate Canadian sale tax?
    Yes. Printer Bridge works with a 3rd party that calculates the sales taxes. Both GST and PST are calculated. The sales taxes are calculated based on the ship from (your company address) and the shipping to address (your customer ship to address).
  • Is Every Door Direct Mail Full Service available for Canadian accounts?
    At this time 4over does not offer EDDM for Canada. EDDM FS is currently only available in the US via USPS
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